Jay William Thanks You For Your Support!

Thank You

Hi, I’m Jay William. First and foremost, I would like to thank God for blessing me with a wonderful family, who have often been my motivation to keep pushing forward, even through the toughest of times.

“The road to success is always under construction.” – Jim Miller

The road to success for me wasn’t an easy street. It was tough, real tough! The
journey was filled with pot holes and detours all along the way.

I still haven’t “arrived.” But then again, I don’t think I have a final destination, except, of course, when I’m dead!

I’ll “ride until I die,” and there is no one else I’d rather have by my side on this
journey of life than my amazing wife.

Thank you for being my rock and for your years of support and thoughts. Thank you for not laughing at my wild and sometimes crazy ideas. Thank you for pretending to listen to me when you really wanted to cover your ears. Thank you, Penny.

When I was first bitten by the entrepreneur bug, I didn’t receive much support
from anyone. In fact, there was a lot of resistance.

I felt alone starting out. It seemed like no one believed in me or my ideas enough to help me get going.

It’s rough not having a cheerleader in your corner, especially in the beginning when you have doubts yourself.

But it didn’t stop me. It made me tougher and forced me to be independent. It
gave me a mission to prove to everyone that they were wrong, and to prove to
myself that I had what it takes to make it.

I do owe a big thank you to my very good friend Jacques Eugene Phillip for believing in me enough to take a risk by financially backing up my first idea when no one else would.

Thank you for putting gas in my tank so I could get started on the road to success.
I have to thank my mom for her crazy love and for being my friend.

Thank you to my father, who instilled in me values of integrity and character.
Last but definitely not least, I want to thank you for reading my blogs and for
sharing in something with me that I am very passionate about.

Thank you for your support.

If you know someone who could use help, let them know about my blog.

They’ll love you for it.

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New Villa Website Design Secrets For Holiday Rental Property Owners (Video)

Villa Website Design Secrets Revealed

Do you have a website for your villa or holiday rental? If not you’re missing out! A website is an incredible marketing tool for your rental property unfortunately owners are not getting as much as they could be from their holiday rental property, why, you may ask? Because owners are losing them once they land on their villas website. What a tragedy that is, considering owners spend a good chunk of money on marketing their properties only to have their potential renters leave their website once they get there.

If you are not using the secrets of designing a lead generating website for your villa then your travelers are just clicking away from your site. Discover how to keep them on your website longer with design techniques that have proven to convert shoppers into buyers.

There is a science behind designing a website, it isn’t just about looking pretty it should be a performer for your business. Your villa website should be marketed so that people find your website online in search engines and other websites. But before your spend another dime on marketing your property consider adjusting the design of your villas website to make it more engaging and easy for potential guests can interact with you and your property easier.

Want to learn the truth about villa website design?

Watch the video now!

If you’d like more free villa website and marketing tips sign up for our super amazing newsletter.

Need Help Designing A Villa Website?

Contact Me At 1-800-856-8641


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Who Was The Vacation Rental Marketing Secrets Book Written For?

Who Was The Vacation Rental Marketing Secrets Book Written For?

Vacation Rental Marketing Secrets No One Will Tell You”, was written for anyone looking to make any money in the vacation rental market.

Free Vacation Rental Marketing Tips & Plans

Free Vacation Rental Marketing Advice & Tips


It’s more than a book for marketing vacation rentals. It’s a guide teaching owners in an easy to understand way; how to market vacation rentals and resort properties online. In addition to its powerful marketing secrets the book also delivers the truths about vacation rental ownership and helps owners develop a better rental business.


There is nothing like that sinking feeling you get in your gut when empty weeks go unrented. If you’re an owner you may know the feeling well. That feeling of knowing you just let money go out the window. Its difficult for owners to compete in this fast paced world of internet marketing. Jay has put his insider knowledge of marketing rentals and sales techniques in this revolutionary guide for vacation home owners to make it as easy as possible.


If you’re a vacation rental owner just starting out the book contains important “Need To Know” information to help new property investors get started on the right foot. The book will increase your bookings and reduce the learning curve of owning a vacation rental property.  It’s a complete guide for vacation rental marketing and investment ownership.


If you’re a property manager, tour operator or travel agent who books vacation rentals online, you’ll need to get your hands on this book too. The vacation rental marketing plans and strategies will help your travel business get the exposure it deserves on the web!


This book is for you even if you’ve been renting vacation rentals online for some time. Smart investors and business people understand the importance of improving and being on their Agame. Is your vacation rental’s marketing strong? If you would like to increase your current rentals and actual profits, look no further. This vacation rental guide for owners is the best resource available for marketing vacation rentals online.


Jays secret vacation rental marketing tips will equip vacation rental owners AND property managers with secret weapons to pierce the armor of their competitors breaking through the barriers holding the owners back from gaining ground and true success on the internet.


You can be successful marketing your vacation rental! You’ll learn how to cut out your own piece of the market and keep it!

“Vacation Rental Marketing Secrets No One Will Tell You” was designed to enlighten owners and managers with the powerful vacation rental marketing ideas and techniques the professionals use to keep their properties booked.  You’ll learn exactly how to drive in traffic from the internet into your rental property’s drive way.

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Are Your Vacation Rentals Listings Getting Noticed? 2 Mistakes the “Pros” Teach!


vacation rentals marketing tips blog for vacation rental advertising advice

Vacation Rental Marketing Mistakes The “Pros” Teach Owners


Hello everyone


My name is Jay William and I’m new to the community. I thought the best way to meet other vacation rental owners and professionals would be to contribute. I hope you enjoy the tips. If you have any questions or comments please join in!


I have been writing alot about vacation rental marketing and I wanted to share some of my findings with owners.


I would hope to share this rental marketing information with you so you’ll be able to beef up your rental advertising efforts and lose less booking opportunities.


Here is one mistake I found being taught by vacation rental marketing “pros”



I recently read a blog about marketing vacation rentals online and I noticed “pros” were showing owners how to improve their vacation rental listing titles and conversion by revamping their ad title for them. The problem I quickly noticed was the titles the ‘pros” recreated for the owners weren’t any better than the owners titles, they included details about the property in the title that have been proven to deter travelers from clicking on rental ads.


Mistake # 1. Vacation rental marketing ”pros” are teaching owners it’s OK to post the amount of bedrooms in their vacation rental listings ad title. The ad title is the most important part of your vacation rental listing. It affects your listings optimization and visibility in search engines but ad titles are also the most important element of your listing because if your ad title is weak travelers will not click and pass your listing right by.



Problems with these rental marketing mistakes


1st. you will get very little search engine traffic by using “4 bedrooms” in your add titls.


2nd. You narrow down your interested audience.




These type of details can be found in the ad itself once they’ve clicked on your advertisement. You do want them to click on your ad don’t you? Of course you do if the renter never opens your ad then you can’t sell them on your property.


Don’t include information details in the title of your vacation rental listing ad. This takes up valuable space in your title for much more important content that can be used to help your listings S.E.O. AND The amount of travelers that actually click on your listing and book with you!



Mistake # 2. Don’t include words like condo or townhouse in your ad title. A traveler may have misconceptions about your vacation rental because of the lack of information they have about your property. Give your property a much more broader market appeal don’t narrow down your market with your ad titles. A traveler may be interested in renting a vacation home until, well they see the awesome rental property you own. The features of your property may be all they need and want! But, you’ll never know if they never see it!


If you would like potential travelers to get all the information about your vacation rental before they eliminate you as an option, then don’t use information details in the title. It can be a turn off for certain guests. Give your vacation rental a fair chance to compete by drawing travelers into your ad to find out more about your property.


I often write articles about vacation rental marketing tips if you’d like more free vacation rental marketing tips wwww.villamarketers.com/community


Jay William


Author of Vacation Rental Marketing Secrets No One Will Tell You”


Have Questions Ask Me Jay{at}JayWilliam.co

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500 Vacation Rental Marketing Secrets Revealed By Vacation Rental Marketing Agent



vacation rentals marketing secret tips for vacation rental owners advertise rentals

Vacation Rental Marketing Secrets

Do you have a vacation rental website that could use some help?



Would you like to increase the amount of visitors to your vacation rentals website for FREE?


What if you could get more visitors to actually contact you from your website?


Imagine if you could rent your vacation rental like the big boys?


All of these are benefits of designing a professional vacation rental website for your vacation home. Smart owners have learned how to receive a large portion of their bookings directly from their rental website, helping them to save money on their advertising by paying less commission.


I would like to applaud you for understanding the importance of marketing vacation rentals online, you’re obviously researching ways to improve your rental business.


Today everything is on the web and if you don’t have a strong internet presence you’re missing out on lots of cash for your vacation rental, trust me this isn’t hype!


As you may know my name is Jay William and I have worked with vacation rental owners for years as the C.E.O. and President of Villa Marketers. I have already made all the marketing mistakes and learned all the latest internet marketing tricks. I’ve studied the market and understand how to get renters to book vacation rentals online. In this book I reveal powerful rental marketing tips and secret weapons!


Why waste your valuable time scouring the internet trying to understand vacation rental website software, technology and online marketing? Some of the online marketing concepts are difficult to grasp and apply without the knowledge, this knowledge is power! In my new vacation rental marketing e-book I make things clear and easy. I have created a step by step guide to help you achieve success online.


What if you could start off marketing your vacation rental website like a pro?


The internet is changing fast and new vacation rental advertising techniques come out on a consistent basis are you in the now of vacation rental marketing? I am and I put all of this valuable information I’ve learned in my brand new book “Vacation Rental Marketing Secrets No One Will Tell You”. This vacation rental marketing e-book has nearly 500 rental tips.


There are over 100 secret vacation rental website tips to help your booking results in the book.

The book is more than just a short report it has 150 pages including ways to market vacation rentals for free! You will find this marketing book to be very affordable and every vacation rental owner should have one. It will save wasted time, effort, money and discouragement. It costs only a very small fraction of one extra night you would book as a result of learning these secret marketing tips.  Is that worth it to get a wealth of secret marketing tips to guarantee your vacation rental’s success and help you make thousands?


If you’ve got openings in your booking calendar, this marketing book will teach you how to fill them. Learn from Jay William how to do it right. Our vacation rental owners rave about the book and say it’s “the best vacation rental marketing e-book”




Want more info about this new vacation rental marketing book visit the website at http://www.vacationrentalmarketingsecrets.com


If you would like to become a J.W. V.I.P. and get free and exclusive vacation rental website and marketing advice sign up here www.jaywilliam.co




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4 Worst Vacation Rental Marketing Tips the “Pros” Teach Vacation Rental Owners (Part 1)

Vacation rental marketing blog vacation rental marketing tip advertise rentals



4 Worst Vacation Rental Marketing Tips the “Pros” Teach Vacation Rental Owners (Part 1)

A vacation rental is not a hotel!

Is a hotel a vacation rental property the same?
Although there are some similarities between a hotel and a vacation rental, they are two worlds apart. Yes, they both offer a place to sleep but the product is completely different.

It’s like the old analogy of comparing apples to oranges when it’s also the same when it comes tomarketing vacation rentals and hotels online. Yes, apples and oranges are both are fruit, they both are edible, they both give your body energy but they taste totally different. If you ask a waitress for an orange and she serves you up an apple, your response will likely be “that’s not what I wanted”. This is the same when trying to advertise a vacation rental like a hotel. Are you being taught to sell your apples like oranges?

I’m always looking for ways to improve our rental owners exposure and home ownership experience. In my research I often find my self troubled when I learn a vacation rental owner is following bad marketing advice. In most of these cases the rental marketing “help” is coming from a so called “advertising guru” or rental marketing company.

Poor holiday home owners blindly use these hotel marketing tips for their rental advertising campaigns. The sad truth is owners end up worse than they did when they started looking for some help. This is a problem for me and very concerning as a professional vacation rental marketing consultant. This bad advertising advice can cause investment home failure for investors and their families. Foreclosures and investment failures affect the vacation rental industry negatively as a whole when investors have trouble making returns on those short term investment properties, its never good for business.

I’m reminded when the recession first hit and the real estate market crashed. Vacation home owners were really struggling during this time and it was “sink or swim” for vacation rental owners. Unfortunately there is still evidence of the casualties in the sea of abandoned rental homes for sale in the real estate market today.

However the rental owners that were clinging onto sound marketing and investment advice are still standing strong today, maybe you’re one of them, if so I’d love to hear your story (leave a comment below).

Many of the investors that failed in their venture were following bad advice and a weak business model. Ask any successful entrepreneur and they’ll tell you marketing is key to any successful business plan, for this very reason you need to heed sound marketing advice to avoid wasted efforts, time, added stress and investment failure.

Being in the business for a long time I have seen and heard it all. What I have observed is in most instances; by the time a vacation home owner starts looking for vacation rental marketing help they are already in the “danger zone” and if their last ditch efforts to market their vacation rental fails they are often left with little resources to change their rental situation ending up in foreclosure or paying their rental fees from their personal funds, which can be an extremely stressful situation.

There are several ways you can incorporate hotel marketing strategies into your vacation rental marketing campaign that will actually work, in fact I explain useful hospitality marketing tips that can be used in your rental marketing effectively in my new book “Vacation Rental Marketing Secrets No One Will Tell You”.

But always remember don’t try to be a dog if you’re a cat.

Tip: Look at the vacation rental marketing advice does it seem logical for a vacation rental owner to apply the promotion suggestions. I recently read an article online telling home owners to pay for awards, certifications and travel memberships that are designed more for hotels. The cost of such resources recommended, were just impractical for the single vacation rental owner, some of the certifications were between $500 to $1000 per year, that’s just crazy!

There are ways to obtain similar effects without the high prices of products designed for hotels. Hotels have a larger income potential therefore those may be easily justifiable, but for you a vacation rental owner? I don’t think so!

If rental owners waist their valuable vacation rental marketing dollars on trinkets and less important wares it comes straight out of their rentals marketing budget. I don’t know about you but I don’t have even a single dollar to waist on marketing that doesn’t produce results.

Tip: Considering whether you should implement a particular vacation rental marketing strategy? Ask yourself if the rental marketing idea is more appropriate for a corporate style hotel or property management business? Is it logical for a small individual rental owner trying to get the most they can with limited budgets? Marketing is not one size fits all, if it looks like it doesn’t fit get don’t even try it on.

Tip: Evaluate the rental marketing source and ask yourself lots of questions.
How many years has the vacation rental marketing firm been helping home owners get bookings. If they don’t have an established history of helping real vacation rental owners, than don’t rely on their “rental marketing advice”.

Tip: Get in touch with other vacation rental owners that can confirm the rental marketing plan is air tight! Verify from multiple sources that the rental marketing has been proven to work by “vacation rental owners” not from an owner of another form of lodging like a hotel or other business. What may work for marketing hotels online, will not always work for vacation rental properties.

Tip: It’s best to rely on brands for advice rather than an individual. A brand is a company a company is an organization of people working toward one goal. Brands spend money on their research and have larger budgets for their marketing experimentation. A company brand is just more reliable, you can go to McDonalds order a meal and you already know what it taste like before you sink your teeth into it.

They’re predictable and the McDonalds brand has spent alot of resources to become reliable to its consumers, there is an entire team that worked together to deliver on your expectations and needs. Sign up for newsletters from brands that are established and predictable. When relying on an individual or freelancer to help you with your marketing poses its risks, In essence you’re putting your vacation rental business’s success in the hands on an individual. remember, people get sick, people have families and people have problems a brand is just more trustworthy and reliable.

Tip: Investigate to tell if the marketing information is being “repackaged” for vacation rental owners. This is an old trick from hotel marketers. Some hotel marketing agencies who market hotels are trying to camouflage their hotel marketing tips as vacation rental marketing tips. This is a big issue they take the marketing material for hotels and change words like hotel to vacation rental and now they have a new audience of people to sell their services, products, reports, e-books or adverting services the problem is you are not a dog you’re a cat.

Stay tuned for the next 3 Worst Vacation Rental Marketing Tips the “Pros” Teach Vacation Rental Owners

Follow my blog for the rest of this series and more vacation rental marketing tips athttp://jaywilliam.co/blog/

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Attention Property Managers New Vacation Rental Marketing Tips Just Released!


vacation rental marketing property management advertising for managers

Vacation Rental Marketing Blog For Property Managers. Improve Any Property Management Business. Internet Marketing Plans For Rental Agencies.

Are you a property management company?

Are you considering starting a property management company?

Would you like to make money from renting vacation rentals online?

Could your property management company make more income for you?

Would you like to have a powerful vacation rental marketing strategy?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above, than you are serious about your property management business. This vacation rental marketing blog was created just for property managers like you!

Handle your business like a professional, take the time to improve your rental business. I have created a property management blog to help property managers offer the best service possible for travelers and increase their rental income. You’ll learn how to be found by rental owners needing management services.

I will also show property managers how to improve their sales using proven techniques and strategies to make more money without spending a penny more than what you’re already spending.

I will be releasing marketing help and secrets I have learned over the years as a professional vacation rental marketing consultant.

You’ll also learn about cutting edge vacation rental marketing tools that, you won’t learn anywhere else.

Sign up for my newsletter to receive FREE vacation rental marketing ideas and plans tailored for rental managers.


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Vacation Rental Marketing Tips How To Market Vacation Rentals By Owner

Vacation Rental Marketing 

vacation rental marketing tips

Vacation Rental Marketing Tip "Love Thy Renter"

Ok, we know it’s important to have a strong vacation rental marketing campaign in this competitive game of online marketing. But what’s the point of having leads come in from your vacation rental marketing if you let other owners steal them from you.

What are you selling? Are you selling a week’s rental in your vacation rental or are you selling a vacation experience?

A vacation rental home owner needs to picture themselves as being a travel planner not a person who owns a house for rent. A renter is really just a traveler and to be honest, travelers don’t really care too much about your vacation rental home. A traveler cares about their vacation experience. This is why you should act like a travel planner, helping your traveler plan the perfect vacation experience.

Travelers want to know that they’re going to go on vacation and have an amazing time, each travelers definition of amazing is different. It’s your job to understand what the travelers looking for and help them get what they want.

There are very few vacationers who know exactly what they want and or need. there are others who have no clue and are going to need someone to help.
Are you offering help to your travelers?

Alot of vacation rental owners are trying to rush through the rental process and try to get travelers to book as quick as possible.

There’s nothing better than a quick sale where the renter knows exactly what they want and they give you their credit card to book your vacation rental, but they are not the norm.

Travelers will usually ask a number of questions which requires your help before booking. There are many travelers who have never rented a vacation rental before. They will have numerous questions and will not feel comfortable making a booking until their questions are answered, only then will a traveler move forward and book your vacation rental.

They want to know things like what is there to do, what should I expect, what to avoid, and how to make it all happen. Offer suggestions and tips to help them further understand their needs then show them how your vacation rental can meet those needs. This point is crucial; if you help them get answers to their questions you would have helped to move the renter from the research process to the booking zone. Don’t try to close the sale too early without answering their questions and overcoming their objections first.

If you rush travelers into renting your vacation rental you will miss your opportunity. Take your time with your travelers to bring them to the “point of sale”. The vacation rental owner who spends their time to show their renters some “love” will usually get the booking, “love thy renters” treat them like a friend, after-all they are the life line of your rental business. Look at your renter as a friend of yours who is coming into town rather than a stranger you’re trying to get some cash from and you’ll see your rentals climb.

The best part about you implementing this type of customer service for your rental business is that a large majority of owners are not offering this level of service and by you doing so you will make your rental shine above other rental owners causing renters to cling to you.

To be frank I’m quite disgusted on how some homeowners treat renters. In some cases home owners don’t want to be bothered by the renter but yet they want their money and they want it fast. They lose their patience with rental clients if they take a little longer than normal.

Just the other day my good friend contacted me and told me he would be coming into town, so I told him I would find him a vacation rental but all of the properties in our vacation rental marketing programs were already booked. So, I went online and found a property I thought would be suitable for my friend and his family’s vacation. I called the home owner (who will remain anonymous) and just as I told them I was calling about their vacation rental, the owner said I’ll call you back.

I was rudely rushed off the phone so they could click over on the other line to speak with someone else, I assume was more important. Hey, I’m not one to get my feelings easily hurt but I can see how a renter could get extremely annoyed by something like that.

I understand the rental owner may have been busy but the situation should have been handled a lot better. If they didn’t have the time they were better off letting the call go to voicemail. I would’ve left a message and then they couldve contacted me when they had the time to work with me.

To be honest we didn’t book that vacation rental for my friend he booked another property from a homeowner who helped him get exactly what he was looking for and answer all his questions.

Vacation rental owners who do not handle their vacation rental business seriously and give sub-par customer service effect the vacation rental market place as a whole.

There are many places online where you can find complaints from travelers who are warning other travelers not to book a vacation rental because of the low quality customer service they experienced. Vacation rental owners should practice a standard of quality to avoid tight regulations that may be enforced to vacation rental properties in the future, there is already

As vacation rental owners we need to stay on top of our game. The vacation experience begins when the travelers start searching; offer them a great vacation experience.

Be a professional and love your renters! Think of yourself as a travel planner and travelers will plan with you.

These tips will help you make the most out of your vacation rental marketing without spending a single dollar more on your marketing.



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Vacation Rental Marketing Blog Ideas For Vacation Rental Owners

Vacation Rental Marketing Blog Ideas for Vacation Rental Owners

vacation rental marketing expert vacation rental advertising

Vacation Rental Marketing Expert Jay WIlliam


Hello everyone,

Thank you for stopping by my new website its my vacation rental marketing blog. I wanted to create a space where vacation rental owners and property managers can ask questions share ideas and get one on one marketing help with me Jay William. I also wanted a place I could be a little more candid and discuss controversial topics about vacation rental marketing and the travel world, the good bad and the ugly.

For years I’ve been working with owners and managers helping them improve their vacation rental marketing efforts. As the President and CEO of Villa Marketers I’ll share my experiences in the vacation rental industry here. I’ll also discuss the newest marketing techniques, as well as some old ones you’ve probably forgotten about.

I look forward to connecting with you here. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Your comments are welcomed here.


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Orlando’s Largest Vacation Rental Video Tour Reunion Vacation Home Virtual Tour

This video is a high definition virtual tour of Orlando’s largest vacation home. The villa is located in the Reunion Resort near the Disney Parks and attractions. The vacation home is more like a mansion with 9 bedrooms and 14,000 sq. ft of living space.  This rare piece of Florida real estate is located in one of Orlando’s premier resorts known for its extravagant amenities and world renowned golf courses. Villa Marketers is proud to have been sought out and contracted to represent and market Orlando’s largest vacation home.

For any questions about renting this home, please contact us http://www.trolltraveler.com/grandereunionresort/renthomes/241

If you would like to have an affordable high definition video tour shot of your rental property, hotel or villa contact us for a free quote. We offer affordable and professional virtual tours and marketing solutions designed for property owners, property managers and real estate agents

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